Error Code 0xc00000e9

edenzoe, May 28, 7:55am
Showing on Toshiba Satellite laptop. Has anyone here encountered this before? It's running on Windows 7. I've had a google around and it seems like there's mixed views and fixes.

r.g.nixon, May 28, 7:59am
Try this. Watch out for the Mexican English.

Step 1. Remove the battery.
Step 2. unplug the power.
Step 3. Remove the hard drive, is really easy make this, only you ned a screwdriver, are only 2 screw to remove.
Step 4. When the Hard Disk are outside of the computer now power on. The boot system need the Hard Disk to run, so there will be a message but is ok, no problem.
Step 5. turn off the computer and reinsert the Hard Drive and the battery.
Step 6. Tun on and immediately expels the dvd unit.
Step 7. A same message appears, selection start windows normally, and let for a wide time. Minutes before that windows star up without problems.

king1, May 28, 8:10am
but don't drop the hard drive - 'tis fragile.

king1, May 28, 8:14am

edenzoe, May 28, 9:07am
Thanks heaps, tried both options and both kept saying 'loading window files' and then just going back to the same error code as before. If I go buy a new HD for it will that fix the problem is that what the problem is the HD?

king1, Oct 8, 4:08pm
not quite that simple. The HDD is the bit with windows installed and all your data on it. All needs to be backed up,windows installed, data copied etc. But it may not be the hdd. Ideally would need to be tested on another computer

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