Trustpower broadband vs primowireless

heidi9, Apr 15, 12:57am
Ok. we are rural and up till now could only receive our internet through satelite. Currently the download speed is 10mps and upload is 5. Due to the costs of our landline with spark and internet with primowireless, our combined bill is up to $170.00 a month. Seriously considering changing to the Trust power deal of unlimited broadband and phoneline for $49.00 a month. A saving of $120.00 a month which is huge. Problem is as we are rural, apparently we can receive broadband but they cant guarantee the speed. As we stream movies etc and there can be up to 5 of us all using the internet at once sometimes, Im concerned that it may not be fast enough. Has anyone had this issue or does anyone know how fast it could be? I dont want to sign up to a 2 year contract with them only to find out its about as fast as dialup!

lilyfield, Apr 15, 1:12am
be aware there is a 2 year contract and you have to have the power from them as well which is the most expensive power company I know
Suggest you do more calculations. Sorry, know nothing about their speed

tintop, Apr 15, 1:15am
Try another provider - see what they say about up and down speeds via land line.
Consider also the Vodafone and Spark Rural Initiative deals, they connect over their respective cell phone networks.

A 2 year contract is a very long time compared to the rapidity of change in pricing and plans. Tread carefully down that path.

lythande1, Apr 15, 1:33am
Really? So you now have broadband avial\able? Cabinet been insatlled or something?
Check with other ISPs, Trustpower sure aren't cheap and if you have broadband, it doesn't matter which ISP, speed will be what it is.

But if you had to have satellite until now can't see how that will have changed.

hilt_dwane, Apr 15, 1:34am
Take into account also that being a Trustpower customer, you receive the TECT cheque towards the end of the year but unfortunately you need to have signed up before April 1, to be entitled to this years payout. Its around $450 - $500

tintop, Apr 15, 2:29am
Maybe not :
"Be a Trustpower power customer with an active power account basically in the Tauranga City or Western Bay of Plenty region on 1 April 2014 and continuously through to 30 September 2015."

lilyfield, Apr 15, 4:15am
if Heidi lives in New Plymouth as per profile she is NOT entitled to Trystpowers payback bonus.

primowireless, Apr 18, 11:32pm
Hi Heidi, PrimoWireless is not satellite, its wireless so much better quality than satellite, faster speeds, no rain fade etc etc If you contact the PrimoWireless office on Monday we will be able to talk to you about VOIP or see , VOIP is a phone line that goes over the internet and is only an extra $15 per month with that you get 2000 Local mins, 120 national mins, Caller ID, Waiting & Minder this is all included in the $15pm so its a really good deal. There are a couple of set up costs but please do give the office a call to go over the options that may suit you. Thanks :)

kiwijude1, Feb 3, 10:29pm
I am with Trustpower Kinect combined unlimited package. I am on broadband and two teenagers have thrashed it and we have never had any problems. I look forward to the cheque each November! I think power/ph/int with Trustpower is a great deal. And I dont even work for them!

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