Mini pc for TV - old games etc

ryanm2, Mar 7, 6:01am
any recommendations for a small tower or brick to run some old games, watch multi media etc for our lounge. Would purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard. Would like to run games such as Battlefield 1942 etc,

morticia, Mar 7, 6:08am
We have an old HP7600 SFF on the shelf under the TV for media stuff. A couple of gig of RAM, XP, video card to connect to the HDMI on the TV and I swap sata laptop drives in and out for storage and stuff, streams no problem, wireless mouse but the keyboard isn't (it broke), does the trick no problem.

ryanm2, Mar 7, 7:24am
Think im after something like you have.

velenski, Mar 8, 11:45pm
raspberry pi ,mame and xbmc. solved

ryanm2, Mar 9, 4:32am
not really, you just wrote down a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo, followed by solved.

r.g.nixon, Mar 9, 4:40am
Google them. The raspberry pi is the cheap computer. The others are the recommended free software.

acrobat, May 23, 10:11am
If your a Mac person get a mini-mac. The cheapest computer they make yet it does virtually everything most people need to do, you can run the usual programs etc or whatever you like on it, and movies etc hooked up to the telly. Works sweet. You can then get cheap bluetooth/wifi keyboards or trackpad/mouse and use it as a full blown computer if required.

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