UEFI boot disk for repair tools

mrfxit, Apr 5, 2:40am
Decided it's about time I created a win8/8.1 bootable disk.
I have several tools that I regularly use but because of the UEFI bios system, I can't boot std disks.

I know that creating a boot disk with the likes of "Rufus" boot creator & a win8/1 iso is whats needed to do that part but it would fill the usb stick up with only win8.1 install files.

Could I create that bootable disk & then delete most of the win8.1 junk & install my own tools.
Will the UEFI boot try to install win8.1 & of course fail because it's not there or give me a command prompt.

Would I have to edit the boot manager somehow?

king1, Apr 5, 2:57am
well I normally use Sardu for my USB repair tools and just disable UEFI in the bios / enable legacy mode or whatever its called. Then I can boot anything as per normal.

mrfxit, Mar 21, 8:14pm
The problem there is that there are several UEFI only boards coming out.
A proper tool disk would be a real advantage in speed & not having to remember to reset those options on the older boards

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