Printer query.

pysces, Feb 16, 2:38am
I have just upgraded to windows 8.1 but my 'HP' printer is not working with this, worked ok with XP Pro, do I need to buy a new printer, what do you recommend?, must be front loading[paper] and discharge, prefer a 'HP' product, thanks for your help,cheers

velenski, Feb 16, 2:40am
installed drivers?

asmawa1, Feb 16, 2:42am
set Hp as default device?

sqidlie, Feb 16, 11:03am
Andy: I have yet to find a HP printer that wont work on win8 or 8.1
A few struggle but they have work arounds
You dont tell us what model it is , the general rule is
Go to Hp's web site and download the drivers for your model
Select the printer you have : eg HP Deskjet F2280
then the operating system = win 8 64 or 32 bit
then follow the instructions on how to install them
hope to see you back here with the good news

pysces, Feb 18, 9:53pm
Hi Sqidle, how do I find out which is my comp 64 or 32 bit please, cheers & thanks.

pysces, Feb 18, 9:55pm
The printer is a HP "Photosmart c-3180 series,thanks.

r.g.nixon, Feb 18, 10:18pm
Windows key + Pause will show if 32 or 64-bit

sqidlie, Feb 19, 12:52pm
This link will take you straight to the place to get the drivers
Your Operating system is auto detected

possum257, Jul 26, 3:19am
Agree with sqidlie, I too had this problem and after googling problem I downloaded the driver needed. Printer working fine now.

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