NZ to Aust T stick use

Currently using a 2degres NZ bought T stick in NZ , can I use the same stick in Aust, or is there a stick or plan I can setup from NZ end?

No reply after 2 days from NZ supplier so asking on here

geek_mrdairyflat, Aug 5, 12:02 am

You can enable the Data Roaming so you can us it there but, it would be fairly expensive. The other way is to chuck in an AU SIM card, just look over the net for the best data packages deals at the moment, I usually goes with Optus when I'm there for few days so obviously goes with a weekly allowance plane.

geek_flower_tears, Aug 5, 12:06 am

Thankyou Flower tears

geek_mrdairyflat, Mar 26, 5:26 am

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