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geek_rungrung, Jan 31, 7:20 am
If you want to put any apps on an ipad, even free ones do you have to store your credit card into the a/c?

geek_brycer, Jan 31, 7:22 am
nope. Just enter use the no credit card option when you sign up for your itunes account.

geek_rungrung, Jan 31, 7:28 am
How do I get back to that? Every time I go to install a free app it asks for my credit card

geek_princess4, Feb 1, 8:27 am
Hi. Go to Appstore. Click Account. Log in with your Appstore Password on Pop up Screen. Click View Account. On Account Information Page. Under Payment Information, Click on Edit Visa. Once Finished, Log Out. You Can delete the credit card number after each buy you do from Apple. A good way to stop Kids from Downloading Payed Games to your Mac, when they now what to Password Is.
Hope this Helps. Cheers Heather

geek_bluefrog2, Feb 6, 8:48 am
In other words, the NONE option is no longer available when you first log in. You actually have to put in your credit card details. Then go to another screen and reset your payment details to NONE.

Just spent an hour and a half figuring this out so my daughter could download free apps she needs for school. Biggest waste of time I've spent on any computer in 20 years. And yes, I've put in a complaint to Apple.

geek_remmers, Feb 6, 9:33 am
You do not on my iTunes account, I log in, go to my account details and under edit payment details is credit card logos and last item none.

geek_2nd2none, Feb 6, 7:24 pm
you have to enter payment information upon using the app store for the first time, after that you can remove your payment information

geek_2nd2none, Feb 6, 7:51 pm
There is somewhat of a work around that I use so I can download apps from the US app store which negates the payment information part of signing up though

geek_remmers, Feb 6, 11:09 pm
No that is FUD, if you are setting up new account just "buy" a free app, when it goes to payment screen press none. Whole process takes 5 minutes if slow typist, not hour and half as per bluefrog2!

geek_rz_zone, Feb 7, 12:24 am
yep. Don't need to enter cc details, but you do need a physical address to set it up.

geek_2nd2none, Feb 7, 4:47 am
yes that is correct but it's not entirely true either if you do it the way most people do it then you need the cc details, the way your talking about you have to skip the set up process and go directly through the app store, "get" a free app then sign up for an iTunes account.

geek_remmers, Feb 7, 5:21 am
This is way to do it, as recommended by Apple:

geek_2nd2none, Feb 7, 7:33 pm
LOL it doesn't tell you that when you turn the phone/iPad on for the first time though does it, so how is anyone suppose to know this? You go through the steps and set up the device, create a account and enter your cc details.

Quoted from your link
"If you've already created your Apple ID, you'll need to add a payment method when you first use it to sign in to the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store. But you can optionally remove the payment method after you sign in to the store. You won't be asked for a payment method again until you make your first purchase."

geek_remmers, Feb 7, 9:01 pm

geek_2nd2none, Feb 7, 11:02 pm
Think your missing the point here. I'm not disputing that you can't do it without inputting your cc details but from fresh out the box and setting up an iTunes account your prompted to sign in or register right from the get go. Now you tell me how to do it without cc details etc from the setup page without skipping the process? You can't and that's what I'm trying to say. Are you following?

geek_2nd2none, Feb 7, 11:05 pm
Btw your links are for desktop not for mobile devices which op is using.

geek_remmers, Feb 8, 12:18 am
Well it is clear to me, not sure how Apple can make it any clearer. When you get to provide payment method click NONE.
I have three iTune accounts for different countries and have never given my credit card details, anyway I am moving on, life is too short for all this angst!

geek_2nd2none, Feb 8, 4:30 am
SMH. You still don't get it. Desktop site not from mobile devices

geek_bluefrog2, Feb 9, 1:50 am
So in other words, in order to download a FREE app for school use I have to create an itunes account that I don't need? How is that better than having to create and Apple ID and input CC details the first time you log in?

I think I would cut my wrists before buying anything from itunes anyway, so it wouldn't have worked for me. Android devices are way more sensible.

EDIT. Oh wait, I forgot. Apple requires me to sign up for itunes even if I don't want ANYTHING from it, so I don't have to input my CC details into Apple ID to get a FREE app.

geek_remmers, Feb 9, 1:59 am
I think I would cut my wrists before buying anything from itunes anyway, so it wouldn't have worked for me. Android devices are way more sensible.

I thought you had to have a google account to use play store?

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Sep 1, 5:08 pm
Yeah don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

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