Reinstalling Windows 7

Hi all,
Im giving my HP a clean out and tickle up. I need to download windows 7 for reinstall but as I try at windows downloads, I put in my key and it says this is a preinstalled copy, see your manufacturer. I cant find any windows downloads on HP's website, any ideas of a safe place to download and/or will my key (on the sticker on the rear of my PC) still work?
Thanks heaps.

geek_crudeawakening, Jun 21, 7:37 am

Not sure, but you could try this, once you have a bootable ISO.

If you do clean install you will eventually be prompted to enter a product key, at this pint do not attempt to enter the laptop's product key, "Untick" the box at the bottom of the screen where it asks you to activate Windows. This will allow you to install it as a trial _ continue to install Windows.

When it's done installing right click on "Computer" and go to "Properties". At the bottom of that page find "Change Product Key" click on that and follow the prompts enter the laptop's product key. This used to work, but now when I do this it tells me that WIndows can not be activated in this way and it gives me a couple of different options to activate Windows, one of which is by the automated phone service.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 21, 9:14 am

So you wiped the drive so no win 7 left to do a reinstall, ie recovery partition or ability to burn recovery discs.

geek_wayne416, Jun 21, 9:18 am

I'd caution against a complete reinstall, unless you have the disk with model specific drivers, they can be a right bitch to find and get working, plus you will have to rebuild everything from instal disks, all your other programs etc
personally I find using an image taken when it was running as you want - and refreshed after each new program is added far better, but thats not much good to you now if the images were not made originally
why do you consider a fresh install needed - you may get a better result by dropping your user files and create yourself a new user account

geek_skin1235, Jun 21, 9:22 am

I havent formatted the computer yet- The HP site lists my PC and all its drivers seem to be available. The computer has become very slow, I have used various programs to find virus' and malware which has got a frozen PC going again but is still very slow. I have upgraded the memory but after nearly 5 years use, Im ready to clean out and start again. None of the programs I use are hard to find and I am currently backing up important data on an external drive. Just trying to get prepared.

geek_crudeawakening, Jun 21, 10:01 am

Try a cleanout with 'System Ninja'. It gets rid of more junk files than CCleaner - which I'm guessing you might have tried already?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 21, 10:08 am

read this BUT check the hard disk status first with hdsentinel - no point in doing this if the HDD is stuffed (which would explain current issues)

geek_king1, Jun 21, 10:12 am

If you think you can go from technical preview to full version, for no cost. you will be disappointed.

geek_black-heart, Jun 24, 1:19 pm

No you won't MS announced that all Tech previewers will get a free upgrade to full version provided they continue on with the program as a thankyou for their efforts. If they want to opt-out, then they will have to qualify as normal.

geek_d.snell, Jun 24, 1:25 pm

An updated from MS has rescinded that advice. No free upgrade unless currently using Win 7 or newer.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 24, 2:23 pm

I was just reading that, and then someone left the comment MS have already back-tracked on that offer.

geek_black-heart, Jun 24, 2:25 pm

They haven't rescinded anything, they have said you must stay in the Tech preview program to keep Win 10 if you installed it as an XP or Vista user. If you want to quit the program, you will have to go back to XP or Vista.
If you installed it as a Genuine 7 or 8 user and you want to quit the Tech Preview program, you can take advantage of the free upgrade.

geek_d.snell, Jun 24, 2:52 pm

geek_wayne416, Jun 24, 3:08 pm

geek_d.snell, Jun 24, 3:31 pm

so either stay with pre-release OS's or upgrade to 10 proper from a 7 or 8 install. or buy 10.

geek_black-heart, Jun 25, 7:37 am

Turn off and unplug computer.
Take cover off and place your hand on the transformer box for at least 10 seconds to earth out your bodily static electricity.
Remove and reinsert your RAM cards and whatever else is in PC slots.
Remove and reinsert HDD plugs on the drives and the mother board.
Replace cover & power plug.
I'm assuming your comp has sufficient RAM, your cache has been emptied and you do regular defrags?
Let us know if this helps.

geek_hulloitsme, Jul 22, 11:22 am

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