HOW - can I get/print photos off my fone ?

wildot, Jul 16, 11:01pm
Hi guys or gals,
Does anyone know how I can get/print photos off my fone ? It??

wayne416, Jul 16, 11:51pm

newbie5, Jul 17, 1:22am
as Wayne said or use the usb cable for your phone charger to connect to the pc and download from phone to pc

wildot, Jul 17, 3:31am
Tried to connect with USB cord but all it will do is charge the battery. What should I do now or is it a no no and cant be done.

fifie, Jul 17, 3:43am
Go to the link wayne has given you, there is tech's live on there now wiil tell you what to do.

newbie5, Jul 17, 4:37am
unplug the usb from the charger and connect it to the pc.

king1, Jul 17, 4:41am
install kies for the drivers then you should be able to see and browse the phone on your computer

fluffyb, Jul 17, 5:55am
I have a Samsung flip phone. I send photos from my phone to laptop and vice versa using Bluetooth. You have to pair the 2 devices to find each other. Tho' can't remember how to do this. I would have googled it to find out what to do.

gyrogearloose, May 18, 2:58pm
Make sure it's the genuine cord that came with the phone and not some $2 shop imitation. It should only be about 6" long.

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