How do I upload a photo on the mbs pls ?

want to ask a question in collectables and show a pic there.

geek_jesswils, Aug 2, 10:30 pm

Go my trademe, photos, upload photo, find the photo you want and upload it, when finished uploading it will show as a thumbnail [small]. Then open, double click it to view photo and at top of browser in the address bar you will see its address, right click on that and copy. Go to where you want it, right click there and paste.

geek_wayne416, Aug 2, 11:20 pm

Excellent thx.

geek_jesswils, Aug 3, 10:06 am

how can I upload from an iPhone direct to message page. I know how to do it for selling items but not on message board.

geek_thereason, Mar 10, 4:30 pm

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