Remove Skype

How do you remove Skype from a windows 8.

I have been trying to from control panel - but when I do a box comes up with - Do you want to update the following programme software to . Skype.

I have even been to run - msconfig - deleted the files with Skype in them, then restated the computer then gone back to the control panel and tried to delete again but the same as before.

Any advice on that subject?

Thanks Donna

geek_hasy, May 7, 8:43 am

Just leave it. not signed in, only uses a wee amount of your hardrive space.

Some apps if you follow up on those "upgrade" demands actually bring you to the uninstall option.

geek_lilyfield, May 7, 8:47 am

Thanks - but I do want to delete it because my 9 yr old child uses it all the time so not using it will not work

geek_hasy, May 7, 9:53 am

geek_suicidemonkey, May 7, 9:56 am

Follow through with the uninstall, upgrade option and you will get to the uninstall part or leave it and block with your firewall.

geek_wayne416, May 7, 10:09 am

i wonder if xp-antispy has a skype remove button they had the winblows-messenger remove buton for xp

geek_intrade, Dec 12, 8:00 am