Windows10 again, but it's funny!

"Windows 10: Man updates PC and wakes up to find porn slideshow on repeat

An unfortunate Windows 10 user was left red-faced after upgrading to Microsoft's new operating system - when his pornography catalogue began blinking across his screen in a slideshow on repeat.

Excited to upgrade to the new format, the computer-lover upgraded to the new software and left it to 'do its thing', only to be woken by his wife asking why his collection of pornographic images was rotating on the desktop view.

The unfortunate user appears to have fallen foul of feature of the new operating system which pulls through images saved in one of the default folders to be used as a slideshow."

geek_zak410, Aug 3, 6:30 pm

Haha how embarrassing

geek_hayster94, Aug 3, 7:46 pm

An SF author has problems installing Windows 10:

geek_daikiwi, Aug 3, 9:12 pm

Lambs to slaughter.

geek_hakatere1, Apr 1, 11:19 am

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