Hp dv6 LIGHTS FLASHING (Black Screen)

Hi all, I have an HP DV6 and when I turn on the laptop both the Caps Lock and Num Lock lights flash together every 2 seconds. I have googled the issue so was hoping a nice tech would know what to do or shell i give it to our IT guy? cheers

geek_tool_shop173, Aug 27, 6:31 pm

Hardware fault, pretty sure DV6s had a common GPU fault

codes are in the 3rd post here

geek_king1, Aug 27, 7:57 pm

ok, thanks. might get a tech to have a look at it.

geek_tool_shop173, Aug 27, 8:13 pm

DV6s have multiple motherboard CPU, APU and dedicated GPU combinations.

geek_rlr29, Aug 27, 8:39 pm

Would it be an expensive fix?

geek_tool_shop173, Aug 28, 2:51 pm

It's pretty old, so you are better to put money towards a new laptop.

geek_black-heart, Aug 28, 3:30 pm

I had that happen to mine approximarely 3 years ago. It was fixable but would have cost over $600 and couldn't be guaranteed to last.

geek_signmc1, Jan 7, 11:26 am

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