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r.g.nixon, Mar 19, 10:13am
Microsoft says pirated versions of Windows will also get a free upgrade to Windows 10. Wow - encourages piracy much?

flower_tears, Mar 19, 11:25am
Yes, was a bit shocked reading that!

schizoid, Mar 19, 12:41pm
only for windows 8?

iwikiwi, Mar 19, 4:58pm
Its to get people into the loop and STOP piracy! It's aimed at the China market.
This way they'll be able to get their stats and prosecute all the pirates who make money off piracy! (like what happened to Dot Com)
I've only ever paid for the software that was on my notebook when I bought it 9 years ago. (Windows Home Vista basic) Any upgrades I haven't paid for, and get them all through the offical site. I'm using Internet Explorer 9 at the moment.

black-heart, Mar 19, 6:50pm
MS can't tell the difference between a pirate version and a legit one. 'activated' is activated, whatever the means. Better to gain market share, than simply pretend antipiracy measures work.

king1, Mar 19, 7:30pm
yet not xp and vista, where's the logic in that?

iwikiwi, Mar 19, 8:09pm
Probably because Internet Explorer 9 is good! I think people didn't like the 7 or 8. Maybe vista and xp are more versatile! I read they were changing their way of doing things; maybe they are going back to the old ways, like with vista or XP. (just a guess and my opinion!)

nzoomed, Mar 19, 8:55pm

-mung-, Mar 19, 11:29pm
They said a while ago they really want to stop the fragmentation of operating systems.

Interesting move since that has traditionally been their bread and butter, but MS under this CEO has been interesting to watch.

gyrogearloose, Mar 20, 12:19am
My suspicion is that Windows 10 licensing will include a subscription option, and that the free upgrade will only include a 12-month subscription.

velenski, Mar 20, 12:47am

king1, Mar 20, 1:13am
As I see it windows 10 is a giveaway to get folks on a common platform, in order to get said folks subscribing to other services.
No suggestion there that Win10 itself will be subscription

drsr, Mar 20, 9:47am
There's no ongoing subscription, it's free "forever". Of course the next version may not be, and they do want to sell you Office365 subscriptions.

nzoomed, Mar 20, 10:01am
office 365 is crap, if all office products go down that model. I will be moving all my clients over to open office.

Anyway, what competition does M$ have against windows?
I doubt that Apple is a major threat, the whole world is not going to switch over to macs overnight, but linux. could be a different story, perhaps in the form of an android like desktop OS? who knows whats round the corner?

black-heart, Mar 20, 8:17pm
the cloud isn't for everyone, and MS know it thats why they release an office version along with 365. Thats not going to end, when so many businesses integrated 3rd party apps into office add ins. Something open office either doesn't do, or nobody bothers to implement.

nzoomed, Mar 20, 8:23pm
Everyone i know who uses office are just using it because the retailer "sold" it to them or people feel they need it because thats what everyone else uses.
Ive switched many people over without any hassles. Even M$ office supports ODF now.

vtecintegra, Mar 20, 8:52pm
All I'll say is your clients have extremely lightweight needs if Open Office is sufficient for them.

mm12345, Mar 20, 11:25pm
And not really on PCs - where MS still have huge majority share, but see Google and Apple making a fortune through mobile devices market share - where they hardly exist.
Unifying OS and apps to work (well) on different devices (PC and assorted fondleslabs) is a lofty goal IMO. Hopefully they've learned that when many customers don't like something (ie Vista/Win8) then they'd better change it - pronto. Sticking to your guns and arguing technical details of why your customers are wrong is a path to oblivion - even if you're right.

lostdude, Mar 20, 11:55pm
+1. We've looked into the free alternatives but they don't quite cut the mustard.

-mung-, Mar 21, 3:20am
Excel is easy to understand, but what does Word offer over other word processors?

Just interested/curious, I personally have no need for any word processor almost ever (used Pages to compose would copy into InDesign for nice typography/layout etc when I was studying).

newbie5, Mar 21, 4:10am
and 7

black-heart, Mar 21, 4:34am
Interoperability with other software, macros, templates, forms. Compatibility across different organisations. The basics are much the same, but once you start making use of the advanced features, word is almost worth the cost.

newbie5, Mar 21, 4:53am
I suppose its one way of getting you to upgrade programs at a cost as they dont work with Win 10

nzoomed, Mar 21, 9:14am
This is awesome news because all the pirated machines sold by the computer medic in Tauranga can now all be made legal!

Ive got several customers who were burnt from them with machines sold with pirated windows and office!
Im glad to see them go into recievership.

graemehw, Mar 21, 10:04am
speculation Xp & vista will also be included -MS just working out details - though some very old PCs may not have the specs - No MS will still get licenses on new pcs - most people unlike a lot of us - do not build there own pcs .

MS afraid more of Chrome & Linux - plus get folks into their app store.

I'm backing my prediction 90% on XP/Visa

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