Printer problem: Canon MX850, Service Error B200

john946, Apr 21, 10:22pm
My Canon MX850 has suddenly come up with Error B200. I've checked the connections & they're OK. I couldn't find any reference to B200 in the online service manual for this printer. Any help much appreciated.

wayne416, Apr 21, 10:36pm

john946, Apr 22, 1:33am
Thanks Wayne416 for the link - the printer carriage doesn't move across when the top is opened - anything else we can do?

wayne416, Apr 22, 1:40am

mm12345, Jan 23, 10:11am
From that second link:
"One path is the HP-based Pizeo-electric crystal approach."

That's not correct. Both HP and Canon use thermal inkjet printing heads, The primary difference between them is that Canon bubble jet use different sized heating elements to vary droplet size through one nozzle, HP use (more) variable sized nozzles with single heating element per nozzle. Epson use piezo with variable droplet size determined by waveform / pulse (and Epson heads are used in other professional brands, Roland, Mutoh etc)

Deliberately or accidentally run a Canon out of ink, and the printhead will die as the ink cools the element after the pulse to form the bubble ends and the bubble collapses. No ink - and the elements burn out. The printheads also "age" (the heater elements wear out), so for higher end Canon printers, replacement heads are available as part of routine maintenance.

HP either have the heads built in to cartridges - so replaced routinely anyway, or with higher-end printers are a routine maintenance replacement item like Canon.

The 100% for sure best way to kill Canon and HP print heads is to refill or use aftermarket ink cartridges, chip resetters etc, that risk not shutting off the printer before the ink runs dry (all makers with OEM cartridges monitor ink use from full to ensure that cartridges do not run dry - hence are accused of "ripping off" consumers because there is always some unused ink left in the cartridge when the printer stops because a cartridge is "empty") Of course they rip you off on the price of ink, but the few ml left over is not the issue. The aftermarket ink suppliers will walk away from any suggestion that they are responsible.

The OP's printhead is either dead from use/misuse, or there's a fault with contacts to the head. The tricks suggested on various forums to reset the printer might work for a while.
Googling the model (MX 850) it's cheap multifunction junk probably not worth servicing. If it's less than a couple of years old and only used OEM ink, demand that the supplier honours the CGA and fixes/replaces it. If old or used with aftermarket ink - junk it.

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