Help re connecting printer with ipad.

jaybee6, Sep 29, 5:51am
Do I need to set it up with installing disk etc through a computer? If so does this computer have to be within your house to be ble to use it on iPad. Sorry if this sounds dumb but don't want to buy if this is the case as I don't have computer but was going to set it up on friends computer. Hope this is not too hard to understand. Not up with this type of thing. Thanks i advance.

suicidemonkey, Sep 29, 5:57am
Buy a printer with AirPrint (most Brother printers have it) and it's very easy to setup, no computer required,

nadznz, Sep 29, 7:11am
We bought a $29 wireless printer from Warehouse Stationery and it was very easy to set up. I'm sure it worked with my iPad and phone without setting it up on the computer first (although I did set it up with the computer and laptop as well).
It is a HP Deskjet 2540 and while it is cheaper to buy a new one than it is to replace the ink it is a good machine for basic printing.

suicidemonkey, Oct 9, 2:15pm
The 2540 uses the HP 61 inks which do less than 200 pages and cost $55 for the set. it's the least economical cartridge you can buy.

IMO it's not worth buying when you can get a printer for $100 or so that does 5-6 times more pages (1000+) for twice the cost.

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