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I have a Google account for, inter alia, Youtube. Before this, I set up a Gmail account using a different sign in name. I had it set so that Gmail would be automatically sent to my Outlook. The account still shows in the task bar on my desktop but, in trying to access it, I am automatically taken to the "set up a new address page". I cannot find a way to take me to the inbox of this old and separate Google account.
Oh yes, I have yet another Gmail account for an organisation I used to send mail for. Can't access that, either.
There is, no doubt, something I am missing.
Can some wiser person point me to how I can find two old accounts without messing up my main Google account?

geek_footplate1, Jun 21, 9:31 am

To start with, what does this mean "The account still shows in the task bar on my desktop". The Task Bar stores shortcuts to programs, not to accounts.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 21, 9:38 am

The Gmail inbox item shows in my task bar, with the "unable to access" exclamation mark.

geek_footplate1, Jun 21, 9:44 am

Just sign in through the web UI.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 21, 12:09 pm

You can easily look at several accounts using Outlook. If you have more than one gmail account just add another email address for outlook to check. If you are using outlook there are two ways of connecting to Gmail. Pop3 ( and SMTP) and IMAP. IMAP mirrors the gmail folders while Pop3 download the emails and then you can filter them to where you want in Outlook. From memory if you are using Pop3 you need to enable it first in the Gmail settings. The pop3 setting are available from server address: Pop port: 995 requires TLS/SS SMTP server address: SMTP port 465 (SSL): TLS/SSL required

geek_duncb, Aug 3, 3:25 pm

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