Naked broadband

tictactoe152, Feb 15, 5:34am
is it possible to have naked broadband with just a laptop?,

suicidemonkey, Feb 15, 5:36am
Naked broadband doesn't really have anything to do with the type of computer you use.

It just means that you don't have the ability to make phone calls via the landline - it's just the broadband connection.

r.g.nixon, Feb 15, 5:36am
No. You also need electricity, a router/modem, a phoneline, ADSL/VDSL enabled on your line by Chorus, and an account with an ISP.

tictactoe152, Feb 15, 5:43am
do you need to have the modem hooked up to a desktop computer to be able to use it with other devises like a laptop ,,celphone etc

trade_menow, Feb 15, 7:50am
. lol yes that all helps

travis47, Feb 16, 6:38am
Yes naked just means that you get a broadband only service without the hard wired copper land line. Other than that it is exactly the same setup as any other. You might try UFF as well as they only do naked BB and I found it cheaper.

macman26, Feb 16, 7:02am
Almost. It may still be run over the copper line just no phone service.
You could add on a voip phone later.

travis47, Feb 16, 8:10am
Yeah sorry I didn't word that exactly. I tried to get naked BB here but was told that it is not available everywhere. Funny because I have done some work for Telecom and know what is involved. It is just a choice they make whether or not to force you to combine the services and until UFF it usually depended on whether or not Vodafone had a competing service.

ians2, Aug 5, 5:01am
Because it is 'internet only' service, you may be required to have a cellphone service as well. A computer that is hardwired to the modem would be extremely useful as well for configuring the modem.

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