been caught by this one myself

signed up for a free i phone $ 1 purchase marketing gimmick
yeah i know too good to be true !
was tired from shift work (my excuse)

How do i stop payments to this out fit, and how do i report them as scammers

they have take three lots of $1 at the currency conversion rate of $1.65 and a payment of Eur 79.99 for kiwi $132.82

. Barstards ! i have emailed kiwi bank to close a/c and cancel Visa
but am worried the bank might Sweep my Savings a/c to the Cheque a/c if there is not funds there to make the next scam payment.

. I have tranfered all but $13 out of the cheque a/c
Bugger it ! being a public holiday.
. any useful helpful advise would be appreciated thanks

geek_kevlight, Feb 5, 10:04 am

Crap. Should've read the small print. It tries to legitimise itself by practically saying it is a scam. 1 in 500 chance of actually getting a phone, $111.99p/m "subscription" etc. My mother came up to me the other day all excited about these $1 iPhones being offered, I read it and was just nope.
Credit card charges can sometimes be reversed in cases of fraud/theft, I highly doubt this would qualify though. Worth a shot.
Also, because its likely that just canceling the Visa will not be effective; read this:

geek_oclaf, Feb 5, 1:07 pm

op - yup fell into the same trap thou the alarm bell went off when i noticed the part they wanted a scanned copy of drivers licence and a utility bill , of course by then they already had the credit card details - DOH.

Kiwibank were pretty good and cancelled the card but the replacement is $15 small price to pay from getting scammed more i guess
Oh - and in the banking site once your log in go to settings - cards - cancel atm eftpos Or Visa debit - select the card in the drop down menu then if you want another you can order online. But you cant do any of that if there are outstanding authorisations

geek_trade_menow, Feb 5, 1:36 pm

trade_menow thanks ,i will follow your suggestions thats a great help,and thanks to other Posters too.
. trusting/ open/ honest/ and Internet ?. i find as I'm getting older, the one highly polished brain cell i have left (just like my Teeth )those cells have all worn out ,and fallen off the plot !
. its a full moon out there be careful !

geek_kevlight, Feb 5, 5:13 pm

Why didn't you do a charge back instead of just cancelling your credit card?
I was scammed by hostel bookers though for a hostel they didn't book cost me $57.

geek_mr-word, Feb 6, 3:03 am

I use a Visa Debit card for trans actions on the Net ,,; i dont really know enough about them, but im sure they do not have a' charge back' ability ;
thanks for your suggestion ,can any one confirm my understanding of the Visa Debit Card; does it have a 'charge back' ability ,thanks

geek_kevlight, Feb 6, 4:33 am

Yes it does have a chargeback ability - you'll need to contact the bank and they will post out the forms - but theres a $15 fee for them to do it but that was last year sometime when i asked so that may be the same - or more you'll only find out when you contact the bank - good luck
they got 2 lots of $1.66 so guess im lucky they didnt get more - probally tried but the card was cancelled

geek_trade_menow, Feb 6, 8:12 am

geek_trade_menow, Sep 5, 7:48 am

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