How to get IPad Air to Remember Trade Me Password

Still having trouble with the above. I go to Settings- Safari- Saved Passwords and Trade Me is not there. Anyone know how to add it?

geek_johnhb, Jul 5, 12:47 pm

Go to Safari, login, and a popup screen will show up as "save this password?". Save password, done.

Than go to settings, and should be in there.

geek_rz_zone, Jul 5, 2:56 pm

Hi rz_zone. Went to Safari but nothing there indicating I could "log-in" (to what?). There is a "Passwords and Autofill" tab under General; which enables me to see all Saved Passwords, but there's nothing there for Trade Me - in spite of specifically indicating on the T.M. site that I wanted it saved.

Is there some way of MANUALLY saving the thing? Looks like I'm missing some thing, or some process that should pop-up and enable me to add the password?

geek_johnhb, Jul 5, 4:22 pm

Login into Trademe via Safari as normal like on a computer.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 20, 9:25 pm

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