Calling all Linux fans.

ianalice1, Feb 12, 8:21am
Hi all.
Posted this, this morning on another site, But seems they have no Linux guys so hoping someone can help, please.
I have a little Acer netbook running on Mint 13 and has been really good.
However and a really big one, we had a couple of our grandbabies over, last weekend wanting to play games.
I thought be safer if they used the netbook, incase they stuffed things up, which they did.
It is now so very, very slow and mouse does strange things, like stopping or moving by itself.
I know it's my fault for not watching them, but with my ill health and all.
I really don't want to have to reload it, so is there some other way to clear out whatever they done?
I have Ubuntu Tweak which I've cleaned things out like the Cache etc.
So is there any ways to, go back it time, we we does on Windows? (System restore).

zak410, Feb 12, 9:27am
have they installed games?
if so, go to Software manager, Games and remove some.

hope that helps.

chnman, Feb 12, 9:32am
There is always if you can't get it resolved here.

emmerson1, Feb 12, 11:23am
Sounds more like a hardware fault than software to me. I would check all the connections, try the mouse on another computer and try another mouse on the netbook.

Also check your BIOS settings (if you know how).

Then I would do a reinstall if your data is backed up and safe (if you don't want to download, then look for a magazine disk with the OS on it).

ianalice1, Feb 12, 9:30pm
I did a Google, how to repair Linux Mint and run a few command lines.
Would seem it reinstalled a lota software.
Have moved the usb thingee, for mouse and see if that helps.
No idea about BIOS.
No typing this mouse still moving by it self.
Have to put a corded one on and try that

intrade, Feb 12, 10:08pm
open a konsole and type Htop there you see system processes and what is slowing things down like what is hogging all the ram to grind it to a halt.

intrade, Feb 12, 10:14pm
word of warning i did read with acer never ever buy that brand unless you have no other choice. because a self moveing mouse is exactly stuff the hardware of acer could be doing ,
unless you gave your kids the root password then there is no way they could have corrupded it like this.
You could try linux kanotix live cd dvd or what ever other live linux you can get and see if the mouse still does the same thing

intrade, Feb 12, 10:18pm
on linux you can back up the home and reinstall latest more up to date version once like it moves from xp to win 7 .
my mate did a remote upgrade to the latest via ssh but asked me to save my data first as if he made a mistake then it would need reinstalation of latest and i would need to copy my data back on to it after, but all went well here is the latest i run now upgraded from dragonfire.
Host/Kernel/OS "spitfire" running Linux 3.19.0-4-generic x86_64 [ Kanotix Spitfire-nightly Spitfire64 150118a KDE-special

dice4, Feb 13, 4:39am
Have you tried new batteries in the wireless mouse? Or move the usb dongle for the wireless mouse to USB port on the front. Mine plays up when plugged in at the back

rua69, Feb 13, 6:33am
Have you tried a restart? I would suggest this before taking drastic and perhaps unnecessary action.

gsimpson, Feb 13, 5:07pm
I use Linux all the time. My last Laptop was an Acer and was 10 years old when retired. My Current Laptop is also an Acer. 5 years old running Mint and works good. The quality of various makes have waxed and waned over the years. HP used to be top end but has slipped a lot.
ps spell check works fine on my Linux Acer ;)

ianalice1, Feb 14, 5:51am
In the end I, bit the bullet, and reloaded to latest Mint.
Much better.
I use Google Chrome, saves having to remember websites and some passwords.
Thought about putting windows 7 starter back on, but maybe worse.

intrade, Feb 14, 9:50am
ok do you the disting? it , like i usually dist every day
su password
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

in kanotix we have our own paket maintainer and the debian security stuff come thru the dist. i also added pico-scope linux to the source that gets disted also on new release with all the rest.
kernel are usually seperate upgrades and require a full reboot to boot latest kernel and you can use older with arrow down keys should a new kernel not boot correct.
be awear if you dont dist for to long it cant be upgraded no more like you end up missing packets importent for disting to a new version, usually 3 month or longer without disting could lead to problems afterwards.

debtfree, Feb 14, 10:29pm
Agree with intrade. Backup regularly and - Do the Terminal update.
I too have been a Linux User 12yrs, Ubuntu, KDE, OS and currently Mint 17 (vg) These days its just weather your old hardwear can run with an alternative Op version. They can still slow down and have other little issues. I wouldnt want to keep anything older than 6 years though - the machines date so rapidly yet can have alot of fun with them on oldies. By all means - Up-spec the older ones to Max if you can :)

ianalice1, Aug 9, 9:14pm
Had to install htop, after that run it and was pages and pages of stuff scrolling pass.So I have no idea?

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