Win 10 upgrade notification

So I reserved my upgrade two months ago. A friend got hers a couple of weeks ago within a few days of registering and I am still waiting for my notification to install. What's going on?

geek_mariner51, Aug 25, 2:06 pm

If you really want it badly you could use the tool to manually download it here just make sure you upgrade first or else it won't transfer your current windows key

geek_overtakenowbro, Aug 25, 3:26 pm

Just wait, its really not worth the effort.

geek_black-heart, Aug 25, 4:07 pm

Well I was just curious to know why. But the longer the wait the more bug fixes before it arrives.

geek_mariner51, Aug 26, 3:48 pm

There was a bottleneck when it was released as a free for all download. You will get it. Just it will be a controlled release

geek_kiwi_fisherman, Aug 26, 8:14 pm

I reserved mine last Friday. It sent me a notification on Sunday to say I could install, so did it that night, to wake up to a new install. So I only waited 2 days. The only thing I miss from windows 7. Freecell. The new one is so much slower and the cards are harder to read.

geek_blueviking, Jan 9, 4:03 am

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