PrtScn can I change text size before printing

trease, Jun 28, 7:38am
On my work computer I sometimes need to take a screen shot but when I print it out the text is so small I need a magnifying glass to read it! These are not Windows spreadsheets but the company's operating system. Usually I press PrtScn then go to Word and right click to paste. I have tried changing the size of the text up to 16 in the little box that appears but it doesn't have any effect. Would Paint be a better option than Word?

skin1235, Jun 28, 7:42am
when you hit print screen you are taking a picture of the screen
you can only paste it as a picture, the text in it is not scalable,
but a lot of image reprint programs will allow you to stretch an image or enlarge it, not sure if paint will though, once it is enlarged it should be easier to read

skin1235, Jun 28, 7:48am
perhaps for a spreadsheet you should orientate the page as 'landscape' ( which you have to do manually in word on versions after 2007, change page size to 21x 29.7, then paste it in, click on the image box and stretch it to the page boundaries

trease, Jun 28, 8:47am
Will give it a go

vtecintegra, Jun 28, 9:11am
Why? What are you actually hoping to achieve by this that could be much more easily accomplished by just saving the spreadsheet.

skin1235, Jun 28, 9:04pm
try printing a spreadsheet and you'll quickly realise that the actual data you wanted is spread over 4 sheets in the pile of 32 sheets, and is not in any way readable

gyrogearloose, Jul 13, 8:56pm
Log an application development request with the helpdesk asking for a print function.

But while you're waiting, looking in the Print options for a 'Scale to fit page' option.

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