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alaine4, Mar 10, 3:50am
I have a HP 110-001 with 4 gigs memory and a AMD El-1500 APU with Radon Graphics. It is hard wired into the wi fi modem
When running Lightbox it is continually buffering and the sound is broken. I have done all the tests etc to no avail.

I also have an old dunga with 3 gigs of memory and running XP. It is also hard wired into the modem. It never misses a beat when running Lightbox.

I have just bought a HP 8 tablet running windows 8.1 with 1 gig memory. It is on wi fi to the modem. It works much better than the desktop HP and has very little buffering.

The god of computers works in mysterious ways

king1, Mar 10, 4:01am
buffering is usually a network issue however you processor is so average it is probably a significant bottleneck.

king1, Mar 10, 4:07am
this one is one of the more common budget I3's

king1, Mar 10, 4:09am
and i'm pretty sure you will find your old dunga CPU on the same page as the AMD

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 4:45am
Yep the CPU is simply too slow on the HP desktop - real world is even worse than those synthetic benchmarks make it out to be.

mm12345, Mar 11, 7:38am
I think there's a problem with Lightbox streaming service on new releases.
Uses Silverlight. I get "stuttering" (just watched latest episode of "Better Call Saul"). When it really "buffers", Silverlight displays text "buffering. " - I can force it to do this by advancing into the stream. The "buffering" text appears for a fraction of a second, then play resumes with "stuttering". It also won't "catch up" if you pause,
I don't have problems streaming from Hulu, Netflix(US). BBC iPlayer (occasional buffering on full HD at peak times only). CPU is core i7 with external graphics - in my case it is not the PC, and I doubt it's the net connection. I'll try it on a MBP retina which is much less capable than the PC I've been using - to see if it's platform dependent.
It could be a problem with Silverlight (using W7 here, fully updated).
Roll on Netflix - hopefully they'll know what they're doing.

mr-word, Mar 11, 7:44am
Maybe you need fibre? I think adsl2 is too slow for 1080p quality. Use internet explorer for streaming video it is smoother than firefox or chrome.

mm12345, Mar 11, 7:47am
Me? Yar - I'd like it, but VDSL allows me full HD video stream ex US/UK - so that is NOT the problem with locally hosted lightbox.

mr-word, Mar 11, 7:53am
Try internet explorer if it is not your connection.

vtecintegra, Mar 11, 7:58am
Your problem is definitely caused by a slow connection - the fact other services work is neither here nor there.

vtecintegra, Mar 11, 7:59am
Will make not difference at all - its still the same plugin used in either case.

mm12345, Mar 11, 8:03am
Just did - same issue with "episode 6" (Better Call Saul)
If I stream "episode 1" - it streams perfectly.
You'll have a hard job convincing me it isn't a server side problem.
Not sure if that's the OP's issue - but it could be.
Telecom "krapS" - not surprised really.

mm12345, Mar 11, 8:05am
Yes - but it's at their server side with newest releases. Works perfectly when demand drops.

vtecintegra, Mar 11, 8:06am
Same episode is working just fine here on crummy Vodafone ADSL

mm12345, Mar 11, 8:10am
Episode 6 is working fine here too - now. But it wasn't 60 minute ago - and I believe the bottleneck was at their end.

mm12345, Mar 11, 8:12am
Great show BTW - despite stuttering. Now we know what happened to Mike.

mattnzw, Mar 11, 8:14am
Yes, Lightbox are having load issues when Better Call Saul is released. It happened last week or the week before that too. Simply too many people all connected at the same time, as all telecom BB customers now get lightbox.

mm12345, Mar 11, 8:18am
Thank you. Not sure if that was the OP's issue - but it is an issue that they need to sort. It's going to be cut-throat out there, and service quality failures will not go down well.

mattnzw, May 27, 9:06pm
They are still in implementation mode in a way. But it is simialr in that you don't build a motorway to cope with all cars in NZ using that motorway in one day. So it is something they will fix, as it has only been a month or so since they started giving lightbox away for free.

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