Hooking older computer to a TV

blueviking, May 1, 9:58pm
Want to watch online tv programmes on my 42in TV instead of my 19in monitor. My computer only has usb and a vga conection spare at the back. can I hook any of these to my tv to enable me to watch programmes?

r.g.nixon, May 1, 10:30pm
Does your TV have a VGA port?

blueviking, May 1, 11:08pm
It has a vga, hdmi,and usb ports

r.g.nixon, May 1, 11:18pm
Well that is the video sorted - just needs a long enough VGA cable.

Sound would required a headphone socket to RCA cable (assuming the TV has white/red round RCA holes).

schizoid, May 2, 4:31am
it may have trouble handling video at 1080p though. If this is the case, buy a cheap video card, preferrably with HDMI. Even something like a GT 210 or HD 5450 will do.

billyfieldman, Dec 21, 9:01am
Get a Google Chromecast for $59. The size of a thumbdrive and it plugs into your TV's HDMI port. On your PC, just install Chrome browser and Google Cast extension. No wires to worry about.

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