Epsom fax, printer connection issues

footplate1, Sep 1, 6:56am
Just replaced a poor performing Canon with an Epsom. Sadly, the device tries to answer phone calls as it thinks they are fax calls. Getting into settings is a confusion of terms and such. Anyone know how to connect a fax printer that receives and sends faxes - but not treating phone calls as incoming faxes? It is a terminilogy thing - the manual is hard to follow.

sanders4, Sep 1, 7:08am
Epson have a contact number in Auckland - there is a techo on site who may be able to help.

spyware, Sep 1, 7:09am
Ringing Cadences
The current NZ PSTN uses four Ringing (or Distinctive Alert (DA)) patterns/cadences for indicating the specific function required by the caller (for example telephone or facsimile).
Analogue lines may have distinctive ringing cadences applied, usually activated by dialling different telephone directory numbers.
NGA voice uses format of an "Initial Ringing" pulse, followed by analogue CLIP data sending, followed by one of the four existing PSTN Ringing cadences. This is different from the NZ PSTN which has traditionally not used a separate "Initial Ringing" pulse, and where applicable analogue CLIP data has been sent during the first long silent period between the first and second ringing cadences.
The NGA Voice Ringing cadences are as shown in the following table. Cadence ringing timings have tolerances of no more than ±10%.

spyware, Sep 1, 7:10am
DA 1 (normal ringing cadence):
400 ms on, 200 ms off,
400 ms on, 2000 ms off,
and repeated.
DA 2 : 400 ms on, 2600 ms off,
and repeated.
DA 3 : 400 ms on, 200 ms off,
400 ms on, 200 ms off,
400 ms on, 1400 ms off,
and repeated.
DA 4 : 400 ms on, 800 ms off,
400 ms on, 1400 ms off,
and repeated.

footplate1, Sep 1, 7:28am
Thank you.

Tried the phone earlier. Will try again tomorrow. Have unplugged meantime.

spyware, Dec 23, 2:13am
DA1 = Normal Ringing
DA4 = "Faxability"

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