G and h keys not working on laptop keyboard help!

Anyone why this could be? It's an hp ? Will post the model when I get home. Thanks

geek_lisb, Jun 7, 10:20 am

Keys stuck? Got some food underneath? Otherwise a case of reseating the connector cable underneath, and if that fails then you need a new keyboard.

geek_andrew.t, Jun 7, 12:24 pm

Not stuck and no food under them! Is the cable hard to do on a laptop? Might just use another keyboard! Did that yesterday wasn't a problem

geek_lisb, Jun 7, 1:29 pm

M HP as the same problem, also backspace key does not work, tech told me that liquid had been spilt on keyboard and $150 - $200 to replace, am using another keyboard but is a pain, has been like this since Jan this year.

geek_joberri, Jun 7, 2:01 pm

just buy another keyboard for the laptop, cheap as chips at around $20 - $30 depending on laptop.

geek_d.snell, Jun 7, 4:24 pm

I've ot t e same problem. But most people mana e to read my typin wit out 's and 's. It does sometimes make it ard to read. But then you start bein able to type without using 's and 's. Luckily e's and a's are OK as that would really make it ard.

geek_pdh, Jun 7, 9:52 pm

Lucky the "h" is part of your user name. haha

geek_rav413, Jun 7, 10:29 pm

thats a fairly pricey keyboard, they are hardly ever over $80. And usually are very easy to replace.

geek_black-heart, Jun 7, 10:32 pm

What brand of laptop ?, I just bought new keyboard recently for my Toshiba for about $28, see my feedback for where I purchased it from, good deal.

geek_falsin, Jun 9, 9:01 pm

model is 15 D01TU 18mths old, took it to 2 repairers both said same price as keyboard is all in one piece?

geek_joberri, Sep 3, 4:06 am

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