Spark ya muppets

mrsdoobercoons, Apr 15, 7:27am
Went to log into internet banking (BNZ), entered access number and password, hit enter, up came a window, says you'r not in New Zealand, enter details from netguard card.

Thought this is odd, I'm sure I'm at home.

Looked up IP addy, 122.61.78.

Came up as an address in Los Angeles.

Looks like Spark bought a block of IP addresses and haven't got the location changed or someone's playing silly buggers.

After their paddy about geoblocking you'd think they'd be a bit more onto it.

If there's a logical explanation let me know.

Cheers, Graeme

trade_menow, Apr 15, 7:53am
that could also happen if your using a vpn - ive just tried bnz ( also with spark ) and no probs

drsr, Apr 15, 8:03am
It comes up as NZ for some geolocation providers, but at least one does have it as US e.g.

mrsdoobercoons, Apr 15, 8:51am

mrsdoobercoons, Feb 16, 3:15pm
Na, not using anything like that at all, just straight Spark broadband.

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