Vodafone TV and broadband drop off

baloooz, Aug 25, 7:01pm
My internet dropped off completely, had to reset IP address etc etc, have internet, but each time I now turn on TV the net drops off. I have entered IP /DNS etc into the Samsung TV, I am on cable. and wireless net. anyone with any ideas much appreciated thanks. at this stage I cant obtain IP address automatically so had to manually set. it was initially set to obtain on auto. hope that all makes sense.
Im loath to phone vodafone as it will take blooody days to talk to someone


mr_bond, Aug 26, 4:35am
Not an expert but does sound like you have something conflicting. Assuming you're using one of the vodafone routers/modem I would try a factory reset (sorry see you mention reset IP address, I'm talking about a full router reset if you haven't already).

Otherwise good luck. I ended up dumping vodafone as was continually having issues (such as you describe) for no apparent reason and calling their call centre was a waste of time/brain cells.

r.g.nixon, Aug 26, 4:39am
If DHCP isn't working, something is wrong. Nevertheless, you can put different fixed IP addresses into all devices; just don't use 0,1,or 254 as the final number of the 'dotted quad'.

baloooz, Aug 26, 7:20pm
thanks guys, ill try a full reset on the tv cable modem, just hope it resets itself and don't need to call another tech ;last time it took over 3 weeks, yes three weeks for a tech to turn up

spyware, Aug 27, 2:49am
I thought that Vodafone used separate cable modem (at least they used to) for the cable TV and Internet, i.e, two modems. Modem used for cable TV EPG provision cannot be used for any other Internet access as on a specific vlan.

EDIT: The original cable modems (Motorola, Cisco) also had no routing ability and hence no DHCP server.

baloooz, Jan 8, 10:14am
thanks spyware, yes its a Cisco router, I think Ive sorted out the issue, my setting on the router were set to share TV and other devices, ive turned of sharing and seems to have for the moment sorted out the issue.ill tweak it further as its slower than normal but at least functioning

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