Galaxy S111 battery problem?

My phone has just started to use all power in less than 1 day of hardly any use, wi-fi switched off, screen not very bright.
Before it lasted at least 3 days as I only have it for limited use. Thanks for advice as I am unsure if it needs replacing.

geek_tibby1947, Jun 8, 2:09 pm

Backup and reset to factory settings.

If that doesn't work, replace the battery.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 8, 2:22 pm

have you got it on Roaming, this will use up battery power quick as, other wise how long have you had it? If you have had it for a small time return it with the proof of purchase to who you brought it off it could be the battery or the charger cable which they would replace under gurantee.

geek_cleoplatra, Jun 8, 2:24 pm

Could be battery, coverage issue, faulty sd card, rouge app.

Try this.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 8, 2:51 pm

Uhhh what? That makes no sense.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 8, 5:11 pm

Replace the battery.

I bought a genuine Samsung battery for my S3 from PB Tech at a cost of $30.

geek_jeremy_74, Jun 9, 12:04 pm

Thanks all . new battery "genuine" ordered off Tm hope that sorts it out.

geek_tibby1947, Jun 9, 5:27 pm

Help. new 'Samsung' battery fitted - flat as a ? overnight. Any comments please as to next move?

geek_tibby1947, Jun 12, 7:00 am

New phone, not very helpful but probably true.

geek_wayne416, Aug 27, 10:03 pm

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