Reliable 12V DC Webcam that sends to an IP address

jhwjhw, Mar 8, 8:15pm
Id like to put a Webcam located on top our Motorhome (view from there is above the tree line and in sight of our Wifi unit)
Id want a decent image size 800 by 600 min with a good depth of colour.
Id like to have it upload every 5min or so.
Run on 12V DC and easy to set up.

Is there such a thing?

Recommendations please.

velenski, Mar 8, 9:13pm

velenski, Mar 8, 9:15pm
or even just get a cheap android phone pop it in a water proof container :) ive done that too

floydbloke, Mar 8, 11:12pm
Paste something like this:
weatherproof ip camera 2mp 12v
into Google or Ebay and there's quite a raft of types and models to start browsing through.
There will be numerous ways to achieve the 5 minute interval capture (software-wise).

d.snell, Jun 5, 5:23pm
I got a couple of D-Link DCS-930L Wireless N Network Cloud Cameras from our Warehouse the other day. Down from $89 to $19 each
Not quite the resolution you want (only 640x480) but come with motion detection software, that will notify you by email, or TXT when it's triggered and start recording to the cloud and a ipad or android app to view from anywhere in the world.
Runs on 12v DC Power adaptor, so 12v supply should be easy.

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