Cannon printer

For some reason, when I try to scan an a4 doco, it come out as two pages. When I preview it looks fine. It didn't used to do that. Can anyone help? Thanks.

geek_sandy09, May 25, 7:44 pm


geek_sandy09, May 26, 7:39 am

more info on printer/scanner needed.

geek_rona1, May 26, 7:56 am

Pdf? jpeg?

geek_rz_zone, May 26, 9:37 am

sandy09 wrote:

geek_sandy09, May 26, 3:31 pm


geek_sandy09, May 27, 9:52 pm

How? Share your knowledge.

geek_hakatere1, May 28, 5:25 am

Would also be nice to know what he was talking about in the first place

geek_king1, May 28, 9:14 am

They put less gunpowder in it.

geek_artbyjan, Oct 11, 3:00 am

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