Logitech Harmony Remote problem

Not specifically computing sorry but thought someone in here may have one (more likely than say pets and animals lol).

I have a harmony touch. Set up one of my devices that is listed on the compatibility list, adds fine etc, but wont control it. The normal remote control works fine, but was hoping to get it going on my Harmony so I can set up activities etc.

It wont work as an activity, nor just as a normal remote yet should. Any ideas? Thanks!

geek_christin, Feb 5, 10:19 pm

Bumping. Any ideas. Not keen on a universal remote that doesn't control all my stuff lol

geek_christin, Feb 6, 3:17 am

What device?

geek_lostdude, Feb 6, 4:39 am

Lg stereo fb165

geek_christin, Feb 6, 5:04 am


Don't know if this will be any help but might be worth a look perhaps?

geek_michael200, Feb 6, 5:35 am

Thanks. I know what they mean there but that's not it as the power button or any other button doesn't work on mine.

I have a harmony 700 remote as well and that won't even power up grrr

geek_christin, Feb 6, 5:43 am

Possibly the local market version of the device is different from the US one. If you look on the original remote control sometimes there's a model number that you can google to match it up with the device.

If you have the patience you can teach it each button from the original remote, see "Using the teach commands function" in the manual.

geek_drsr, Feb 6, 6:51 am

Will go down that route if needed thanks, tho no manual with it so not sure on the learn command so will have to look up on the net.

geek_christin, Sep 5, 10:46 am