New Laptop advice .

nikkib90, Mar 21, 9:23pm
We are considering upgrading from a Vaio (VGN-NS25G - 5 yrs old) and need advice please. Uses are basic, email, internet, photos, gopro videos etc - kids play a few online video games but nothing major. Budget - within reason (would under $1500 be acceptable?). We aren't Mac users but if others love them would consider. Thanks for your help, I am not highly switched on in regards to the latest technology.

tillsbury, Mar 21, 9:31pm
Pretty much anything will do that. A Mac will do that for under $1500, but many Windows laptops will do it for considerably less. There are no cheaply-built Macs so the start price is higher, although they are cheap for what you get.

Best plan would be to go into somewhere with a good range of kit and have a play with a few. Don't take too much notice of the salesman -- their commission on end-of-line Windows laptops is far higher than it is on other models, particularly Macs.

ctnz, Mar 21, 9:42pm
The biggest issue could be games as a reasonable graphic capacity puts the price up, but for under $1500 you should easily be able to get a very good laptop. Some other factors though to consider is portability. I have a HP with a 17" screen because I use it as desktop replacement I certainly wouldn't want to lug it around though.

nikkib90, Mar 21, 9:44pm
The games are basic - Disney games eg, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Spiderman,. We don't really take it out of the house, so portability is basic for us. I will head in to some shops and see what happens. thanks for the advice.

ctnz, Mar 21, 10:26pm
don't get sucked in for paying for anti virus my personal recommendation would be an i5 or i7 processor with at least 8 G ram Hare Drive around the 750 GB + mark, as an example look at this one

nikkib90, Mar 21, 11:26pm
That one looks really good - pardon my ignorance, is a "Notebook" interchangeable with the term "Laptop" ? or is there a significant difference between the two.

ryanm2, Mar 21, 11:43pm
notebook is a laptop with an optical drive (CD's dvds etc). A netbook doesn't have a optical drive and will generally have a smaller screen. Laptop is a term rarely used these days. That HP from noel leeming looks like a solid unit. I bought a $399 HP about 6 months back and its still going as good as the day i bought it.

ctnz, Mar 21, 11:50pm
notebook and laptop are the same thing, the term laptop fell out of use because people used to rest them on their lap and they would overheat and burn "things".

remmers, Mar 22, 4:23am
You can buy an XYZ computer for tuppence and you can also buy a new Chery 4 door car for peanuts however you originally purchased a Vaio so I would suggest a Mac Book for an overall excellent user experience, quality software and great hardware.

suicidemonkey, Apr 29, 5:04pm
Notebook and laptop are the same thing. Both terms are still used.

Netbooks can have optical drives but usually don't. The definition is "a small laptop primarily for accessing the internet".

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