Fibre - can we or can't we?

I have uploaded a pic of the access to our property at the bottom of the ROW. The ROW is a right angle, the corner being more or less where the photo was taken. This is the point where the green box for the phone is. In the near future, fibre will be available in our street. You can see in the photo, the red spray paint marks indicating where the trench is with phone, power and water (900mm from edge of the drive). The house that was in the process is now finished and the owners access is a fairly wide pebble surface concrete driveway joining the ROW with the trench underneath it. Alongside their retaining wall is now a pebble garden that has been planted out (no grass). My question is: in this situation will fibre still be an option for us? I wondered if the cable can be fed down the green phone pipe easily or does the whole trench need to be dug up? Our phone cable follows the side of the ROW, then goes under our drive and enters the house to the left of the garage door around the corner on the end wall

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 9, 4:16 pm

Chorus will probably just nail it to the retaining wall.

geek_gibler, Aug 9, 5:04 pm

I thought UFF were building Tauranga in which case they can't touch the Chorus owned green conduit under any circumstances. Nothing stopping you trenching and paying for it yourself.

geek_spyware, Aug 9, 5:05 pm

How are we going to access the area under the neighbours drive though? That's why I wondered if the fibre wire/cable/whatever could be pushed through the existing green pipe without disturbing the neighbours concrete drive. Their drive is made up of very large square sections and would be a major to redo those. Then, of course is our drive from the end of ROW to the side of the house

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 9, 5:15 pm

Thought should have gone into placing conduit under any new concrete for future fibre.

geek_spyware, Aug 9, 5:56 pm

UFF are doing Tauranga call ur provide and find out what u need to now.

geek_aoc1, Aug 9, 5:57 pm

Too late now.

geek_spyware, Aug 9, 6:05 pm

Directional drill no problem, might need to remove a small square of concrete at the far end though.

geek_exwesty, Aug 9, 7:05 pm

Yep your current phone line is obviously in a duct , quite common with newer builds. 2 ways to get it through the duct is pull it using your old phone line or just blow it through - yeah I've put a fair bit of dark fibre in the ground in my time.

geek_shakespeare6, Aug 9, 7:22 pm

Thanks for last two messages, quite informative. Our sparky moved to CH since we built so have texted him to see if he can recall what he did - he was very tech savvy and forward thinking. I know he did speak back then (4years ago) about fibre in the future but don't know if he made provision for it

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 9, 7:34 pm

We have a similar length driveway and they just blew the fibre cable down the existing pipe. No digging or trenches required.

geek_nadznz, Aug 9, 7:52 pm

Ha! Looking more promising. Thanks for that Nadnz

geek_hilt_dwane, Aug 9, 8:01 pm

when i got my fibre installed, they used the existing condiut for my copper line which is god knows how old, at least 30 years. They did have to clean it out first. I have a driveway in similar length to yours

geek_csador, Aug 9, 8:15 pm

Chorus conduit can only be used in Chorus areas. Outside those areas new conduit is installed. In cases when Chorus can't use existing conduit they have been stapling to fences.

UFF will never touch the Chorus conduit under any circumstances.

geek_spyware, Aug 10, 8:16 am

Well you can't staple to a fence across a driveway and we have two driveways to consider in this instance

geek_hilt_dwane, Mar 6, 3:20 pm

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