Remembering Passwords on Apple IPad Air

Can anyone tell me what the 'secret' is with doing this? I am continually confronted by blanks when I go to log into Trade Me- in spite of continually entering my correct user-name and password! That's how I got to this specific point, but I know when I close this down- I'll have to do it all over again. I did go to Settings- Safari- Names & Passswords- Saved Passwords to ensure the password is there under 'Trade Me' in 'Passwords & Autofill'. What am I doing wrong?

geek_johnhb, Jun 1, 5:56 pm

Is there multiple trademe acc using safari?
Delete and login n resave pw.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 1, 6:21 pm

If you have the password saved in Safari but don't tick the box in the Trademe login screen to 'remember me' then you need to tell Safari to submit the password, you do this by tapping on the username box when you go to log into trademe and when the keyboard pops up, at the top of the keyboard there is a 'autofill password' button you can tap to tell safari to autofill. I would actually have thought Safari would go ahead and autofill your details anyway but apparently not.

geek_piperguy, Jun 1, 8:43 pm

What version of IOS are you using? The problem you describe was a reported issue by many users several 'updates' ago and was resolved in the subsequent edition.

geek_asmawa1, Sep 28, 5:28 pm

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