Dropbox for audio files & others to be transcribed

gonefishing16, Oct 1, 5:03am
I am at a loss. Have asked a transcribing service to forward me their training files and received them via Dropbox. Does anyone know about Dropbox? Anyhow I can save 2 out of the three files as they are word ones. The third is supposed to be an audio file but it is not and I cannot open it, save it or anything. What am I to do? I have emailed the person back but no answer. Perhaps .

IAny help would be appreciated.

r.g.nixon, Oct 1, 5:41am
What is the file extension?

king1, Oct 1, 7:20am
most dictation software use specific formats. you would need proper dictation software to play it I would think

cameragod, Oct 1, 4:53pm
Have you downloaded it to your computer?

gyrogearloose, Oct 5, 9:07am
Have you read the training files? The method to open and transcribe the file may be described.

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