MS Money + Win10

Have been using Money for years, but now with Win10 can't open it unless I download IE5. Where can I get this please?

geek_trish, Aug 15, 10:20 am

Edit the registry key
rnet Explorer" to 9.11.10240.0
and MS Money will run

geek_chris.kingston, Aug 15, 10:28 am

Thanks for that info, but how do I get to the Registry Keys to edit this?

geek_trish, Aug 15, 2:27 pm

Google "how to use regedit".

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 2:28 pm

geek_chris.kingston, Aug 15, 3:24 pm

Well, that worked a treat! Thank you both very much - help is greatly appreciated.

geek_trish, Feb 17, 10:06 pm

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