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urbanrefugee54, May 23, 10:56pm
we have a Panasonic DMR-XW380 for a few years & when we are recording a TV program - although it doesn't actually record the hour later channels. it won't let you record anything else when in operation - like a shadow or ghost.

I've searched several time to see if anyone else has had this problem & tried looking in the operating instructions to no avail. is it us, or something we will just have to put up with.

mariner26, Oct 21, 1:53pm
Your recorder has twin tuners, so it should record two channels at the same time. While the recorder is recording one channel you should be able to go into the EPG and set to record another channel at the same time. That may be for a pogram that has already commenced or for one in the future. There is an "inbuilt" overlap for commencing and stopping recordings. So, what you are trying to do may not be possible if you have other programs already booked to record. As advised there are only two tuners and yur settings might be such that you are trying to record three programs at the same time. The set will usually tell you that, but not always - it just won't do what you want.
Don't know what you mean by "a shadow or ghost". I have never had that effect, and indeed, any problems with my XW380 over all its life (six or so ? years).
Another possibility is that you have too many programs stored (for later watching or forever). The hard disk has limited storage (250GB or is it 500GB). Maybe you need to delete some stuff.
Try above ideas and some other lateral thinking. If all else fails take unit to a Panasonic service centre - the Panasonic NZ site has them listed.

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