Securty help-any free ones?

jessica21_nz, Mar 15, 8:22pm
on this laptop the norton internet security has run out, is there any free ones or something just as good? I do I have to go get new one? You would think these things already on computer wouldn't have to be replaced.

velenski, Mar 15, 8:28pm

velenski, Mar 15, 8:30pm
and nortons was a trial and its crap anyway ,make sure you remove it completely .

chnman, Mar 15, 10:21pm
For a free AV I would recommend Avast or Panda Cloud. If installing Avast you should pay attention and deselect any extras offered, like Google Chrome browser, and the "software updater tool", as mentioned on the link below. After you uninstall Norton Internet Security, you should use the "removal tool" to clean some stuff that might still remain. Link below:

If you want a replacement "internet security" suite and not just a free antivirus, ESET Smart Security is excellent, though a bit pricey from the NZ website. There is also Trend Micro, which is available at retail stores like Noel Leeming, etc. But don't get Norton again, as I personally can confirm their support is getting worse, and they are still selling NIS and Norton 360 here, but replaced it in the US (and many other countries) with similar (but different) software and one nasty bug that took them three months to fix was on many computers it would take 30 mins or more to shut down the computer. I'll stop there.

d.snell, Mar 15, 10:32pm
If it's Win8 or 8.1 it has Windows Defender on it, which is sort of the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials and beefed up. There is no need to have anything else. No AV will never be 100% and that includes Defender, but it will be as good as any and it's free for life.

wayne416, Mar 15, 10:49pm

jessica21_nz, May 15, 3:29pm
thanks everyone will look into it.

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