Please recommend me a good wireless modem router.

We run 2 businesses from home. Plus also have xbox, playstation, 2 smart phones, a galaxy pad, an ipad, and 3 lap tops. At times all of these are online.

So something than can handle say 10+ connections.

geek_grangies, Jun 27, 11:03 am

erm, get fibre optic connections for that many PCs I suppose. My experience would say to me, buy the most expensive wireless. erm no. buy the most expensive wired modem with the most number of wired sockets and with wireless capability money could buy and then realize . um no, not enough money for that then work my my backwards. to within budget. Also you might consider extending wireless range using older and or cheaper wireless modems to save buy those there expensive wireless range extender thingamejigs. Oh, and um 2 telephone lines with seperate telephone numbers too. maybe three or more. if possible.

geek_olack, Jun 27, 4:17 pm

Spark have the Huawei HG659b its free on there fibre 200 plan otherwise its $199
4 gigabit lan ports , 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi - range depends on the enviroment but i've found it to be quite good - and with quite a big network
kids on youtube ,netflix running at same time then theres whatever else running on wifi - its great havent had any buffering and im only on VDSL

geek_trade_menow, Jun 27, 4:40 pm

10 is not a problem for most wireless routers/modems - it might be a problem if your on adsl though but no modem will be any better.

what exactly is the problem?

geek_king1, Jun 27, 4:43 pm

that was a painful read.

geek_king1, Jun 27, 4:44 pm


geek_olack, Jul 18, 4:23 pm

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