Um a customer brings me a gps tracked laptop

olack, May 20, 5:29am
He told me it was removed from an unused place at his workplace and is taken for his private use. When I try to do a clean install from an XP Pro cd the laptop shuts down instantly after I accept the F8 agreement. It is ok for me to tell the fella what he should do and that a good reason is he might want to keep his job and my question is, could there be a built in chip in the motherboard that allows for gps tracking. He made this suggestion to me when he brought me the laptop and is now open for discussion. So far I will attempt to format the hard drive but for his sake would a laptop have a inbuilt gps tracking chip, and yes, need I even ask. Any fee I might receive will be minimal like $20 or something but after he talked about gps tracking I got somewhat concerned lol. It is a circa 2002 laptop. It maybe unused at this time and not of course the point; and, it still has the business entity software installed.

budgel, May 20, 5:55am
For $20 I doubt it is worth the hassle. I would pass on it.

oclaf, May 20, 6:48am
The way that is written sounds as though you are aiding and abetting.

mrfxit, May 20, 7:52am
About the only tracking tools a std laptop of that age could have, would be a hidden internet connection tracker software installed in the o/s.
Ph home if not the correct user or IP used

olack, May 20, 1:05pm
yes I see this.

olack, May 20, 1:11pm
right, thanks for the information. I am trying to avoid doing anything further with it and have not heard back from him yet. I am suggesting to him it would not be worth it for him and too risky a thing for him. I think I must tell the fella to take it back and that I will not do any work on it.

gyrogearloose, May 20, 7:30pm
I'd be more inclined to think that it has a fault, and that's why it was in the cupboard at work in the first place. I'd suspect the disk, the memory, and the capacitors.

black-heart, May 21, 1:25am
lol, hilarious. very imaginative OP.

schizoid, May 21, 2:17am
Customer? What sort of business are you in?

What makes you think it will be "GPS tracked"?

Laptop from 2002? Even if it does get working, you're gonna have a bad time.

olack, May 21, 3:41am
boots up fine. np

olack, May 21, 3:42am
the fella suggested it could be or may not be gps. hmmm. I am in the learning to repair computers from home business and I can do the repairs quite well. I may be slow but I find solutions and I save poor people money. And if the solution is beyond my skills I can make good suggestions as to who the customer can go speak to.

olack, May 21, 3:47am
not really all that funny. glad he was honest with me, I could have gotten somethingoranother. ed if I connected it to the internet. I am not all that smart you know. ask whatshisname.

black-heart, May 21, 5:44am
install linux mint on it.

moltenfire, May 22, 12:11pm
Olack, did the man that bought it in have a dark suit, thick dark sunglasses and speak with a Baritoinian Russian accent? By the sound of it, you have that PC, the one that they are all looking for.

olack, May 23, 8:18am
yes I know it is - I aint doing nuthin to it now, I aint. And for the little bit of money the guy wants to spend I don't want to give him the good laptop I can set up for him. It is way too good. help. !

emmerson1, May 25, 10:09am

olack, Sep 30, 9:53pm
I have done nothing with the laptop. Now I will tell him I can not do anything with it anyway. Just checking the situation out is a headache. I did not want to do anything illegal to begin with and learning something about the machine means I can take better action. Thanks for that.

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