Help. Windows 10 and HP lap top.

Hope someone can help me as I have googled my problem but no answers relate to my problem.
I upgraded to windows 10, 3 nights ago and all went well. until I shut the lap top down. The lap top 'shut down' but the power light, the sound light and the wifi light stayed on. I had to hold the power button for 5 seconds for the lights to go off. I did this for 2 nights, but last night I thought maybe the lights would go off by themselves, but they didn't. This morning my lap top battery was flat (fully charged battery had flattened overnight)so obviously the lights had not gone out by themselves. Does anyone know why this is happening?

geek_luvmycat, Aug 3, 9:52 pm

I don't have an HP Laptop, nor have I upgraded (yet) to Windows 10. I can however suggest you use the HP forum if you get no solution here.

A similar problem on the HP forum:

At this time there are no replies to the post, but perhaps come back to it later.

geek_chnman, Aug 3, 11:27 pm

I've got a Toshiba laptop and the same happens to me when I try to shut it down.

geek_dolphin19, Aug 4, 8:31 am

My wife had a similar issue, last year, with her new ACER. Took ACER six replace the mother board.

geek_footplate1, Aug 4, 11:40 am

My HP seems to shut down OK, just close the lid and let it sleep but when I re-open the lid it seems to take forever to boot up from a blank screen. Other than that Windows 10 looks like it may be a good improvement over Windows 7, time will tell.

geek_eurika, Aug 4, 1:13 pm

do you just close lid?, you need to power off, the icon on bottom left side with white windows has the power off button.

geek_pearlypearl, Mar 24, 11:07 am

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