jim205, Apr 26, 10:45pm
new 2tb hp flashdrive listed on trademe 878935290 wow. omfg.

wayne416, Apr 26, 10:52pm
Don't touch it.

jim205, Apr 26, 10:54pm
i wonder if hp would be interested.

wayne416, Apr 26, 11:07pm
Probably know about it but to hard to do anything about it. Besides its probably genuine but hacked to read 2TB so HP are getting a sale anyway.

kiwikidd77, Apr 26, 11:24pm
I have a couple of 1Tb flash drives. They work well and were way cheaper than most smaller ones on here.

wayne416, Apr 26, 11:33pm
They say 1TB but are they, have you got more than say 500GB stored on them and if so can you get it off or is it just saying its there.

dawn1, Apr 27, 2:01am
Would you want to risk losing all your data by putting it on a hacked flashdrive? There is a reason you can't buy them in electronics store - they DON'T exist for real.

mr-word, Apr 27, 11:18am
Reported three of his auctions by community watch.

suicidemonkey, Apr 27, 11:26am
Try copying more than 16gb to it, read it back, and see what happens.

Genuine 1tb flash drives are worth $800+. The rest are hacked.

mr-word, Apr 27, 11:27am
You can use rmprep and it writes markers to each block to check capacity.

suicidemonkey, Apr 27, 11:29am
Or h2testw

wayne416, Jan 9, 9:53am
Love the earthquake proof in description, coming from Christchurch it does it for me. Bit of a giveaway.

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