Macbook Pro to Panasonic LED TV

muffin2, Jul 18, 1:08am
Hi - I want to connect my macbook pro to my Panasonic TV
I currently have an adapter that fits into a standard PC Monitor cable and connect the macbook to a monitor no problems
My TV appears to have the same PC connector / plug socket on the back - could I plug the macbook in to there using the pc monitor cable and select the PC option on the TV remote?
or do I need to plug it into one of the HDMI sockets or somewhere else?

thanksin advance

crtnz, Jul 18, 1:28am
If the correct connector is available on the TV, then, YES ! You can also get the (Mac) Displayport to HDMI adaptor, but your Displayport to SVGA should work.

lugee, Jul 18, 1:29am
Just a plain old HDMI cable from Macbook to TV will do.

flower_tears, Jul 18, 1:38am
You can use the PC option on your TV but just remember you won't get any sound on the this way if you're after mirroring your MacPro screen onto your TV, otherwise, you can get an Apple HDMI adapter.

lugee, May 16, 11:21am
They might not even need an adapter, the retina Macbook Pros have onboard HDMI:

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