Email help please

I am using win 7 and was using windows live mail. Any better way than this as I don't want to change my email address's to hotmail etc.

geek_subo, May 11, 11:19 pm

Free for up to 2 addresses. About the best.

geek_wayne416, May 11, 11:29 pm

At a guess (because you don't actually say what the problem is), you are trying to email a photo and getting the photo email form which is wanting you to login with a windows live account

The easiest way around that is to create the new email message first and then drag photos onto that form. Be mindful of the photo sizes though if sending more than a couple

geek_king1, May 11, 11:32 pm

My computer crashed badly and had to do a comlete reinstall.
win live mail virus cause of problem.

geek_subo, May 11, 11:52 pm

a virus will not care what email program you are using.
and it would be an extremely rare event if a virus caused your computer to crash badly. 99 times out of 100 they cleanup without to much drama

Often times a reinstall is a cheap quick fix for lazy techs. Just my opinion.

geek_king1, May 11, 11:59 pm

I couldn't access the mouse to enter anything.

geek_subo, May 12, 12:16 am

Dont muck with live mail use Thunderbird

geek_timberman, Nov 21, 4:05 am