My PC has a double identity

User 007 was the owner operater when it was under window 7. Now under windows 10 the program has linked my PC to an old windows registration ( for some other purpose) and the password used at that time as the Administrator for my computer. At start up I am forced to enter the administrator password to continue, however it sees me 007 as the operator and won't allow me access to certain simple function because 007 is not the Administrator. Plus it just stops me and doesn't offer or ask for a password to continue.

Please if anyone understands this and can tell me how I can unite the user and administrator as one since both are me anyway, I will one step further along this maize of Win 10 takeover stuff ups.

geek_mcarky, Aug 16, 9:00 am


geek_gypsypom, Feb 15, 8:57 am

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