Can some kind person try this URL for me?

I have tried with IE11,Chrome and Firefox but none will open.
All other websites seem ok?
Thank You.
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium. ISP xnet

geek_mgc54, Apr 15, 10:13 pm

works here in chch spark

geek_king1, Apr 15, 10:18 pm

no problem here, Linux Mint, Firefox, Actrix

geek_zak410, Apr 15, 10:19 pm

get the hola extension for chrome and open it using that, will be a bit slower but should do the job.
I have a similar problem with the stuff website from time to time, but it works every time when I switch on hola

geek_king1, Apr 15, 10:23 pm

Works for me, both Palemoon and IE.

geek_wayne416, Apr 15, 10:49 pm

Works here. Firefox on Vodafone.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 15, 10:51 pm

Handy website to use for next time:

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 15, 11:18 pm

Ok here too.

geek_hakatere1, Apr 16, 5:08 pm

Nice iPad to Canon monitor/controller on!

geek_nzdoug, Apr 16, 6:52 pm

perfect example this morning.

Open up chrome, goto Gmail - Nothing, webpage is not available.
turn on proxy and refresh - Gmail loads fine
turn it off - webpage is not available.

Thanks Spark!

geek_king1, Apr 16, 8:04 pm

It works.
Here is a tinyurl link to try if you are still uable to access it.

Perhaps that may be successful. :>)

geek_kiwisapper, Feb 11, 4:27 pm