Why does Google re-direct me to other pages?

ryanm2, Mar 5, 5:56am
I have ran ccleaner and malware bytes and nothing funny picked up. Read somewhere about a DNS client or something? Any help much appreciated.

r.g.nixon, Mar 5, 6:15am
Check that your browser isn't using a proxy.

ryanm2, Mar 5, 6:30am
how do i check that?

r.g.nixon, Mar 5, 6:35am
It might be different for each browser. Are you using Firefox or what?

ryanm2, Mar 5, 6:43am
chrome - i should have stated that to begin with. Chrome is redirecting me when i click on a link.

r.g.nixon, Mar 5, 6:46am

king1, Mar 5, 7:31am
what other pages?

tintop, Mar 5, 7:34am
Browser hijack ?

lostdude, Mar 5, 7:36am
Yup that'll be my pick. ADWcleaner should do the trick.


lythande1, Mar 5, 6:11pm
Google wouldn't. Most likely you have a toolbar installed. technically it isn't malware, more like annoyanceware.
You can usually remove them manually, just remove it from the browser.

hazelnut2, Mar 7, 8:27pm
Check in settings/extensions. I use Chrome with Hola for watching overseas videos, mostly bbc, and it sometimes interferes with my pages. I disable it and all is good.

newbie5, Jun 3, 10:56am
You dont say if it is web pages that are being redirected .
If it is then it has nothing to do with Google it is the redirect from the web page hosting so obviously a domain redirecting to an affiliate page.The first thing these "experts" on here should have said

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