Whats the best

geek_lostdude, Feb 20, 7:03 pm

They are both up and running still.

geek_king1, Feb 20, 8:27 pm

I use Fatso.co.nz.
Here is not the place for piracy advice. However both TPB and Kickass are up and running for your (legal) downloading endeavours.

geek_oclaf, Feb 20, 10:22 pm

Legal options are starting to finally become viable. but for everything else there is google.

geek_-mung-, Feb 20, 10:40 pm

"Hey internet, where can I steal the hard work of other people. "

geek_mazdasix, Feb 20, 10:57 pm

the fbi will be on to you i just stream them movies no downloads and uploading of stuff like this. as far as i know illegal is uploading

geek_intrade, Feb 20, 11:17 pm

most i whatch is german some are english like the interview i seen that the day it was released online.

geek_intrade, Feb 20, 11:19 pm

Streaming pirated content is still piracy. Just utterly unenforceable.
Also streaming is still downloading. Come on.

geek_oclaf, Jul 24, 4:29 pm

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